[Design-team] Introduction to Mailing List

Gauger, Ryan rtgkid at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 23:35:18 UTC 2011

Design Team,

Hello. My name is Ryan. The reason that I want to help contribute 
artwork to the Fedora Project is because I like artwork (computer 
themes, wallpapers, etc.) I like to make computer wallpapers in both 
professional programs and programs like Paint.NET (Pinta in Linux). I 
like making wallpapers more than actual themes because I don't like CSS. 
I do know a little about CSS and XML, but not a lot. I think it is too 
confusing. I hope to contribute computer wallpapers to this mailing 
list, hoping that they will be seen by the administrator for this list. 
I have read and understand the terms and conditions listed in the 
guidelines section of the artwork contributor page. If you read this 
email and accept me as a contributor, I will spend a lot of time 
perfecting the wallpapers I make. I have also seen past Fedora release 
wallpapers, so I have an understanding of what they should look like.

I have worked with both Ubuntu and Linux Mint, and have contributed 
wallpapers in both of those areas. Now, I want to move on to actually 
contributing them to the operating system, not optionally downloadable 
Online. I will have a good time creating these wallpapers and desktop 

Thank you very much,

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