[Design-team] Graffiti Wallpaper

Onyeibo Oku twohotis at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 02:39:19 UTC 2011

Hi Ryan

The enthusiasm is great. I haven't tested the artwork on my PC as I don't have internet on it at nights (3.22am here ... Gosh, its morning). It looks very promising for supplemental.    

However, the Fedora design team has been working on a theme for f16 and have done a lot of sketches. At the moment there are two concepts we're colouring. Take a look at the artboard (http://publictest04.fedoraproject.org/artboard/). This is where the focus is for now. 

You can contribute to those concepts. 
Thanks for your interest in f16 wallpaper design.

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Hi, all!

I have created two more wallpapers I think look very cool. I was messing 
around with some cool extensions in Pinta, and found out how to do this. 
You will like the effect it gives off. My dad says he could see this as 
being one of the packaged wallpapers in Fedora 16. Thanks!


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