[Design-team] FUDCon India - Poster (rev A)

Suchakra suchakra at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jul 18 07:46:23 UTC 2011

Hi ,

According to your suggestions and guidelines on my blogpost [1], I
have made another incomplete revision of the poster [2]. Its source is
at [3] (I've tried to follow almost all the guidelines you laid out.
The lower area is empty just as my mind has been wiped clean of ideas
for a while :) Please do something on it if possible. I've CCd it to
tatica and design list too.

[1] http://suchakra.wordpress.com/2011/07/16/fudcon-india-2011-design-updates-1/#comments
[2] http://suchakra.fedorapeople.org/fudcon-designs/poster_fudcon_india_concept_revA.png
[3] http://suchakra.fedorapeople.org/fudcon-designs/poster_fudcon_india-revA.svg


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