[Design-team] FUDCon India - Poster (rev A)

S.Kemter buergermeister at karl-tux-stadt.de
Mon Jul 18 09:57:36 UTC 2011

> According to your suggestions and guidelines on my blogpost [1], I
> have made another incomplete revision of the poster [2]. Its source is
> at [3] (I've tried to follow almost all the guidelines you laid out.
> The lower area is empty just as my mind has been wiped clean of ideas
> for a while :) Please do something on it if possible. I've CCd it to
> tatica and design list too.
> [1]
> http://suchakra.wordpress.com/2011/07/16/fudcon-india-2011-design-updates-
> 1/#comments [2]
> http://suchakra.fedorapeople.org/fudcon-designs/poster_fudcon_india_concep
> t_revA.png [3]
> http://suchakra.fedorapeople.org/fudcon-designs/poster_fudcon_india-revA.s
> vg

ur first version was definitly better because it was simpler.

When u make a poster start with an eyecatcher. Work with signal colors or an 
high contrast.
What I doing always is I step a few  steps away from the computer and look at 
it. Look what ur eyes fetch first and if they get attention on the poster.

My eye looks first to the fedora sign ;) Why the contrast brings it forward. I 
like ur pattern that u added in the last 2 versions, I had a similar thing in 
mind working on a shirt design. Like definitly to idea to use the state sign 
of india in the font.
But now is the attention from the headline gone.

Next dont overfill a poster with information. Important are the 5 W nothing 
more sometimes lesser then 5


last one, we dont need in that case. Put that information also very visible on 
the poster.  With so few letters as possible, so dont add "Where" or such 
really written.

The line with "MORE INFO" is secondary information. Ask u self would u 
remember the short url? No u have to write it down or stay for a while for 
remembering it.
When u have a viewer taken to do this, u can write it smaller and set it to 
the bottom, he will find it.

I hope that information helps u

br gnokii
> Suchakra
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