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william staud xconstaud at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 08:11:08 UTC 2011

Hello, my name is Tyler Staud.  I am currently a student at Byron P. Steele
High School.  I will be graduating next year and plan on going to college
and majoring in some sort of design program.

At the moment, I have a broad range of experience.  I am currently the Photo
Editor/Designer on my school newspaper; that may not sound like much but my
school currently has 2000+ students.  I handled everything from cleaning
photos to manipulating them as well as designing layouts and modifying
layouts.  This coming year I plan on moving to Sport's Editor.  Which brings
me to my next area of expertise.  I decided to make the move to Sport's
Editor because I currently own and operate a website.

Link to website: steelefootball.com

I had originally created the website using HTML and CSS.  Just a few months
ago I made the move to Flash.  Every inch of that website (photos, designs,
videos, etc) was all created by myself.  I am currently in the process of
moving back to HTML, due to the lack of user friendliness with Flash.  Many
of my users can not view the website because their computer screen's
resolution can not cover the entire websites resolution.  Once I make the
move back to HTML I plan on adding Facebook Connect as well as some other
cool features.

I believe I could be of some help with Fedora's projects.  I am extremely
experienced with Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and Flash. (I have
my PC setup to dual boot Windows 7 and Fedora).  I can also create
advertisements of all types as well as effectively use them thanks to my
experience in Newspaper.  I decided to volunteer my help to Fedora because I
love the simplicity of this Distro.  Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Puppy Linux did
not quiet seem to cut it for me.  But I have noticed with simplicity comes
learning, which is the best part of Linux in my eyes.  I am not as
experienced as most with Linux; but I will learn.  My experience with Linux
will not effect my design though.  I can still create any design in Windows
(for now) and make use of them in Linux.

Thank you taking the time to read this and I hope you guys can find a few
areas I can be useful in.  If you would like me to create and send some sort
of design as a reference of my experience I will be more then happy to
attempt it.

Tyler Staud

Sources (some of my work)

Youtube videos: http://www.youtube.com/steeleknightfootball
Website: www.steelefootball.com

Ways to get ahold of me:
Email: xconstaud at gmail.com
Phone:419 388 8021
Facebook: facebook.com/xconstaud
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