[Design-team] Newly-expanded Fedora logo usage guidelines

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Hey folks,

Thanks in huge part to Ian Weller's meticulous work in the care and
feeding of Fedora's branding, we've got a major Fedora logo usage
guidelines update ready on the wiki. The guidelines have been expanded
and improved in a number of ways, including:

- Coverage of the Fedora application and group sublogos.
- Coverage of the Fedora Remix logos.
- Coverage of the Fedora Foundations logos.
- Downloadable GPL-format palette file of an expanded color palette.
- Expanded and illustrated explanation of clear space guidelines
throughout the document.
- Updated and expanded font usage guidelines.
- Overall more explanations, rationale, and other instructions on using
the logos.

You can read more about the update in a blog post I did:

Or you can skulk around stealthily like a ninja right on directly to the
new guidelines themselves:


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