[Design-team] Meeting Minutes, June 21 (F16 default & supplemental wallpapers, Anaconda UX, ABRT, Fedora Business Cards)

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Tue Jun 21 20:09:57 UTC 2011

Mo Summary:

TOPIC: Fedora 16 Default Wallpaper

Tatica is our Fedora 16 default wallpaper wrangler. She's been doing a
great job managing the process.

We each voted on our top 5 F16 default wallpaper submissions from the
artboard (http://publictest04.fedoraproject.org/artboard ) and took
last-minute votes.

Tatica tallied up the votes and announced the top 3. Read the logs or
read her announcement here on-list. :)

We'll focus on the top 3 wallpapers for coloring. Coloring is due July

Final polishing is due July 26.

If you like a proposal that didn't make top 3, you can continue to work
on it and polish it for inclusion in supplemental

TOPIC: Supplemental Wallpapers for Fedora 16

Pcon is our Fedora 16 supplemental wallpaper wrangler. He's posted an
announcement calling for submissions:

We will take submissions until 23:59 UTC on August 9th 2011 following
that the design team will vote for the top 15 and they will be packaged
up and included in the Fedora 16 release.
Submit here:

Supplemental wallpaper submissions will be photo only, if you're
interested in submitting background-color-changeable SVG/vector
wallpapers, work on it and let us know, we'll figure something out 

TOPIC: Anaconda UX / installer redesign
Here's a good introduction to the project if you'd like to get up to

Joseph blogged his research plan to learn more about how folks install

If you'd like to help:
* Read Joseph's research plan and give him your feedback, coming up with
additional research questions
* Come up with ideas for ransom notes, the banners that rotate while the
install progresses. We're looking for 750 x 120 px graphics... An old
example is: http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/hotdog/kitchen.png  but we
need 750px wide x 120px tall

* http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/?p=fedora-ux.git <- If you want to add
our repo to your sparkleshare 

Ticket #180: ABRT usability assessment

Kirk is continuing work on this, we're still trying to sync up with the

Fedora Business Cards

Ian updated the Fedora business cards to use our new fonts. We gave him
some suggestions and he'll post updates here on list.

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