[Design-team] Design team strategery

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jun 27 17:26:59 UTC 2011

Hi folks,

Since we've grown pretty large as a team and our responsibilities seem
to grow even larger, Tatica and I have come up with a proposal for
organizing the team moving forward. What follows below is what we've
come up with; please have a read and let us know what you think at
tomorrow's team meeting!


The design team is responsible for:
  (1) A new wallpaper design every 6 months for each Fedora release.
  (2) Supporting other teams in Fedora - especially the marketing,
ambassadors, website, and FUDcon planning teams - in producing designs
for things like events, media, posters, t-shirts, etc. and help maintain
a consistent for the project brand worldwide.

  (3) Creating user experience design for Fedora to make Fedora and its
community delightful to use / be part of.
We will have the following action groups and corresponding leadership
roles in the design team to help
lead and organize the work:
  (1) A wallpaper action group, lead by the wallpaper wrangler who
oversees the creation of the default wallpaper very release. A different
person can fill this role each release (similar to how we do
supplemental wallpapers now.) (For F16 this is Tatica)

HOWTO for this task:
  (2) A supplemental wallpaper action group, lead by the supplemental
wallpaper wrangler, to oversee the supplemental wallpaper process, again
led by a different person release (as we do now.) (For F16 this is pcon)

HOWTO for this task:

  (3) A UX action group, lead by the UX wrangler, to oversee ongoing
user experience projects. (This is Mo)

HOWTO for this task:

  (4) A cross-community support team that focuses on supporting other
teams in Fedora. Ideally, we'd have a design team member to work with
each individual group - someone assigned to marketing, someone assigned
to ambassadors, someone assigned to web, and someone assigned to FUDcon,
and they would work together with the rest of the team to make sure
tasks get completed. 
  (5) The design team lead (Mo) who will:

    - Support, assist, and encourage the various action groups and help
them manage the logistics for their processes

    - Lead outreach projects to recruit & onboard more team members and
infrastructure projects to help improve our tooling

    - Represent the design team during project-wide status meetings,
such as release readiness meetings, and regularly relay our team's
status to the greater Fedora community (via blogs, etc.)
The entire team, irrespective of action group, is responsible for:

- Run weekly design team meetings and send out logs (the task of running
the meeting and sending out the logs can rotate between members of the
team.)  HOWTO:

- Recruit & onboard new team members, providing a comfortable place for
designers interested in joining the Fedora community to hang out. 

- Sharing ideas, tips, and tricks on using design software to help each
other out. 
Release Artwork
The release artwork that the wallpaper wrangler oversees will be the
primary default wallpaper across all desktop spins of Fedora.
The release artwork that the design team has not put as much attention
towards (or isn't seen by many users) isn't going to be updated every
release. We'll work together on a non-release-specific,
minimalist/abstract theme that doesn't depend on the wallpaper design
for these items, and update incrementally as needed, but not every
single release the way we have typically in the past:
- Syslinux splash
- GRUB splash
- Anaconda banner
- Anaconda splash
- Firstboot sidebar banner
- Firstboot splash
- GNOME splash window
- KDE splash window
- Login theme
Instead, we can drop these items to focus the time and effort towards
making awesome wallpapers. If we ever want to make an update or change,
we can absolutely do that, but we will give ourselves the freedom to
focus more fully on the wallpaper each release.
Once the wallpapers are finished, the following dependent tasks will be 
shared by the team:
- Release banner and countdown banners for the website (Alexander
usually handles these)
- Release party poster template
- Print-ready DVD and Live Media labels and sleeve designs

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