[Design-team] VT/FUDcon Blacksburg: Open Source Design Tools Workshop

Ben Williams jbwillia at math.vt.edu
Mon Oct 24 14:23:50 UTC 2011

On 10/24/2011 10:11 AM, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> I spoke to the design team about the possibility of doing a workshop for
> VT during FUDcon Blacksburg.
> The amount of time and topics we can cover are going to vary depending
> on who is able to obtain funding to attend:
> - Klaatu (who is definitely coming accdg. to wiki) can teach Kdenlive,
> GIMP, or Scribus
> - Emily (who is still seeking funding accdg. to wiki) can teach
> Inkscape, GIMP
> - Elad (who is still seeking funding accdg. to wiki) can teach GIMP and
> some Inkscape
> I think because we only know for sure that Klaatu and I will be there,
> we should do something modular so units can be swapped in or out
> depending on attedance. E.g.:
> A three hour workshop one day, with one hour each devoted to:
> - Gimp
> - Inkscape
> - Kdenlive (Klaatu)
> The person leading each tool's instruction will vary depending on who we
> have showing up (except for Klaatu who we'll need to teach Kdenlive);
> folks helping out who aren't leading the class can act as lab
> assistants.
> If there is a computer lab available, would it be possible to have the
> software pre-installed? If we are expecting students to bring their own
> laptops, then we should probably tack on an optional hour to the front
> of the class to prep students' computers.
> What do you think?
> ~m
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no computer lab will be available but i can always make live DVDs for 
the participants to use with their computers so downloading will not be 

I think I can say Emily will be an easy approval especially if she is 
commited to doing a workshop

myself i am up in the air about KDEnlive vs Scribus which do you think 
would be the best to the first time users (and what would help them 
become contributors faster?)

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