Problem with NVidia card and dual display in FC 3

Keith Sharp kms at
Wed Dec 22 08:35:13 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-12-22 at 12:54 +0600, Chamil Thanthrimudalige wrote:
> Hi,

This type of question is better suited to the general Fedora list:

> I installed a fresh copy of FC3 on my machine. The default nv drivers
> work fine. But I can't get dual head working with nv drivers by
> editing xorg.conf.  "system-config-display" does not do any thing when
> I select "Use dual head" and click ok. Then I cancel to go out of the
> screen.
> So I do a init 3 install the NVidia drivers from the site. Change
> xorg.conf and then do a init 5 and my dual display works fine. But
> when I reboot the system it does not work.

I had exactly the same problem with an ATI Radeon X300 in dual head
mode, normal drivers.  System-config-display exhibited the same
symptoms - would not allow me to configure dual head.  Like you I had to
creat a suitable config file by hand.

>  With out the intial
> graphical part I can go upto the login screen and then when X starts
> it says that displays were found but non have a usable configuration.

I don't see this problem.  I had to disable RHGB or my system would just
hang during the boot process.  I think the hang was as RHGB tried to
exit / GDM tried to start.  Remote access via SSH still worked.


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