FC3 desktop can`t log out or reboot

Kaspars kaspars at os.lv
Thu Nov 11 17:15:58 UTC 2004

  Hi all,

  I get FC3 DVD diska and installed fresh FC3 on my desktop wrk.
I boot in GUI and log in. My problem is that I can`t log out or reboot 
or halt computer from GUI from desktop... i use defalt desktop what it 
use. I updated all but still problem how i see is not corrected(maybe it 
is only my pc problem).
  So what I do is in FC3(I think def. I use Gnome), I want to reboot pc 
and I go Action -> Log Out -> Chek "Restart the computer" and push Ok.
and it hangs. The some is with "Log out" or "Shut down"... I need to go 
to console bu ctrl+alt+F1 and log in as root and command to reboot.
How and where to fix it? And I only have satch problem?

thanks all,


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