Serial ATA Supprt

Arturo dalive at
Thu Nov 11 17:51:36 UTC 2004

Moreshwar Salpekar wrote:

>Dear All,
>I am new to this group. I just got a PC with motherboard Intel 915GAV. It
>has two Serial ATA Hard disks one of 120GB with WinXP and other 80GB I want
>to use for Fedora. I want to know what core of Fedore I should go for. I got
>Fedora Core 1 but it is unable to detect my hard drives. Will Fedora Core 2
>I read somewhere that Linux Kernel 2.6.x supports Serial ATA but Fedora docs
>mention nowhere on Serial ATA support is it there in fedora? If not where do
>I get Serial ATA driver? I looked at Seagate site (both my hard drives are
>Seagate) but nothing there on Serial ATA driver for Linux?
>I want to install Fedora asap.
I am no guru. But I have an SATA HDD in my Linux server. And I built it 
from scratch (components) . My motherboard also has an SATA port, I 
installed FC2 without a hitch. I didn't try FC1 on that setup.

BTW.....any reason why you're not installing FC3?


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