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Alex Catullo freelance0 at
Thu Nov 11 18:20:30 UTC 2004

Fedora core 2 and 3 should both detect SATA. If you still have trouble
with it, in the BIOS menu, go to the "advanced" tab and look at the
IDE configuration. By default, the IDE settings are set to "enhanced"
Switch that to "legacy" and make sure SATA 0 and IDE pri and sec are

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 23:00:25 +0530, Moreshwar Salpekar
<moreshwars at> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am new to this group. I just got a PC with motherboard Intel 915GAV. It
> has two Serial ATA Hard disks one of 120GB with WinXP and other 80GB I want
> to use for Fedora. I want to know what core of Fedore I should go for. I got
> Fedora Core 1 but it is unable to detect my hard drives. Will Fedora Core 2
> Help?
> I read somewhere that Linux Kernel 2.6.x supports Serial ATA but Fedora docs
> mention nowhere on Serial ATA support is it there in fedora? If not where do
> I get Serial ATA driver? I looked at Seagate site (both my hard drives are
> Seagate) but nothing there on Serial ATA driver for Linux?
> I want to install Fedora asap.
> Regards
> Moreshwar
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