Bluecurve and KDE

Paul Vandenberg p.vandenberg at
Fri Nov 12 16:59:41 UTC 2004


I have noticed that the Bluecurve theme in KDE is never complete. The
completeness varies from release to release, with FC1 being the
closest to complete and now FC3 being one of the worst. Some examples

I added the Home icon to the panel from the menu. In the menu it was a
Bluecurve home icon. Once added to the panel, it turned into a Crystal
icon. If you launch Konqueror as file manager, the folder icons are
all Bluecurve in the main section. In the tree section on the left,
they are Crystal. If I then select medium icons, the Bluecurve ones in
the main part are changed into smaller Cystal icons.

I really like Bluecurve, but I must say the mix of Bluecurve and
Crystal icons is really terrible looking.

Red Hat's philosophy has always been to remove functionality rather
than ship broken functionality. I certainly think this applies here. I
understand that resources are limited, so why not just remove
Bluecurve altogether from KDE? Fedora is a GNOME based distro.  As
long as Bluecurve is in GNOME, that should be good enough.

Thanks for listening.

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