"Professionalism" syntax

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Fri Nov 12 19:34:19 UTC 2004

> > I don't want a distribution I work on censored b/c someone is afraid
> > their screensaver might offend a customer.
> > If people are concerned about 'decency' in certain packages then let
> > them add a distribution-nanny package that cleans these things up. 
> > 
> > yum install frightened_of_naughty_words.noarch
> > 
> or "yum install naugty_words"

I don't want other people making the determination for me what is or is
not a 'naughty word'. There are a whole set of words that I believe
might be considered inappropriate depending on one's religion that I
would not want removed at all.

Local mores are the responsibility of the Local Administrator. If you
feel certain words will be found to be offensive by your users then YOU
have to remove them.

We will not find a group of words that is commonly accepted as

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