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Behdad Esfahbod behdad at
Mon Nov 15 21:22:46 UTC 2004

On Mon, 15 Nov 2004, Mike Hearn wrote:

> Of course, starting services I don't need/want like cups doesn't help
> either ...

Now that somebody brought up the issue, this is one of the most
unattentioned parts of FC IMO.  Fedora Core is easy enough to
install that anybody with a small knowledge of Linux can simply
handle it well, but something nobody thinks about after
installation is to check the running services, mostly because
many people assume that the right set of services are running.
But after installing, I've got to go uncheck more than half of
default services.  For example the Japanese stuff (don't know
about FC3, but were in older versions), portmap stuff, humm,
can't remember right now, but there are lot's of services that
I've never chosen at install time and are just there to slow down
the boot process, while chances are I never use them at all.

I agree that if one selects PostgreSQL to be installed, bringing
it up by default is the better choice, but not many other
services.  Guess all I'm asking for is some kind of WinXP-like
"start here" or tips like "configure services you need by running
system-config-services"... after installation.  No, I'm almost
sure I'm not asking for more steps in firstboot :-).

It turned out like too much random thoughts, Sorry,

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