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Arturo dalive at
Mon Nov 15 23:03:56 UTC 2004

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

>On Mon, 15 Nov 2004, Mike Hearn wrote:
>>Of course, starting services I don't need/want like cups doesn't help
>>either ...
>Now that somebody brought up the issue, this is one of the most
>unattentioned parts of FC IMO.  Fedora Core is easy enough to
>install that anybody with a small knowledge of Linux can simply
>handle it well, but something nobody thinks about after
>installation is to check the running services, mostly because
>many people assume that the right set of services are running.
>But after installing, I've got to go uncheck more than half of
>default services.  For example the Japanese stuff (don't know
>about FC3, but were in older versions), portmap stuff, humm,
>can't remember right now, but there are lot's of services that
>I've never chosen at install time and are just there to slow down
>the boot process, while chances are I never use them at all.
>I agree that if one selects PostgreSQL to be installed, bringing
>it up by default is the better choice, but not many other
>services.  Guess all I'm asking for is some kind of WinXP-like
>"start here" or tips like "configure services you need by running
>system-config-services"... after installation.  No, I'm almost
>sure I'm not asking for more steps in firstboot :-).
>It turned out like too much random thoughts, Sorry,
I believe this, and many other issues might be minimized by a more 
inovative installer. I have never used or seen a Mac, farless to have 
installed one. And I have not used all the distros out there, so forgive 
me if this has been implemented somewhere else.

If think setting up the installer, Anaconda if I'm not mistaken, as 
follows might help alot,

Selection of user level (computer skills)
    - Expert Fedora User
       - Full customization (pc setup type, partion setup, hardware, 
packages, etc)
    - Power User
       - Educated guesses to be made by Anaconda of setup, with ability 
to customize generated setup (in an itemized, non-linear way)
    - Novice/First-Time User
       - Anaconda generated/guesses an appropriate setup asking only for 
localized information, window manager would give a sort of "Welcome to 
Fedora              walkthrough"
    - Use istall preferences from install media (usb, floppy, ftp, etc)
       - Anaconda reads a file (possibly an xml file) which defines all 
the information it needs with the option to make changed after loading.

Based on this information, Anaconda would then only isntall what is 
necessary. For example, a First Time user in America won't need an ftp 
server, japaneese fonts, ssh server, etc, installed by default. This 
would give the ability to better lock down fresh installations so that 
people new to Fedora don't have unnecessary stuff that they will never 
need loading, but enthusists could have as much cutting edge as they may 
need. Such information I'm sure could be used in many other ways.

Just an idea I've had for awhile, I'm sure many will consider this to be 
not worth the trouble. But consider the possibilities such would add to 
the user experience.


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