After a week with FC3

tony tony at
Mon Nov 22 06:55:46 UTC 2004

Over the last week I have done two clean installs of FC3 on my hush
(Epia M10000).

The first time round I did an "everything" install just to check out
what is new and the apps which I don't normally use. It took 70+ minutes
and went smoothly.

Second time after breaking the system* I did my normal Gnome workstation
install with a few development tools.

The machine is faster - boot time is shorter. Most stuff works really

*I broke the system trying to install lirc and DVB into udev. Hey this
is the 21st century - what is a computer without a digital satellite
card and remote. Especially in a living room home office.

Another problem is getting my Evolution 1.4 mail archives back into
Evolution 2. There must be an easier way than one at a time from the old

I plugged my Logitec Pocket digital in and, although I get the camera
dialogue box, can not import the photos on it to my HD. I knew that this
was because it is an experimental driver.

To get VMware installed I had to jump through hoops to install the
kernel source. OK this won't bug the average Joe but there are people
who have been using a Linux desktop since 1997... Read: some of us have
legacy apps...

I plugged a firewire DVD-R in and it just worked. No luck with a USB key
on the other hand.

I still don't like Bluecurve and will have to grab some themes.

This one is a 8/10 (FC1 was 7/10) so things are moving along nicely. The
devil is in the details. Rather than great swooping changes most apps
seem to be at the stage of need a final polish.


Tony Grant

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