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Mon Nov 22 08:12:38 UTC 2004

Le lundi 22 novembre 2004 à 01:48 -0600, Jeremy Rosengren a écrit :
> On Mon, 22 Nov 2004 07:55:46 +0100, tony <tony at> wrote:
> > To get VMware installed I had to jump through hoops to install the
> > kernel source. OK this won't bug the average Joe but there are people
> > who have been using a Linux desktop since 1997... Read: some of us have
> > legacy apps...
> If you're running VMware 4.5.2 (which you should be on recent versions
> of Fedora with 2.6.x kernels) you do not need the kernel source to
> either install VMware or compile the VMware modules after
> installation.  You *do* need to satisfy some extra steps for Fedora
> Core 3 because the VMware installer doesn't understand udev, which I
> hear will be addressed in VMware 5 (currently in beta).

In my post I said that I was running an Epia M10000. This is an
unsupported CPU for VMware so I am stuck with 3.2.1. This is not really
an issue - I use vmaware-any-any and VMware runs just fine. 

Redhat has always had a thing with kernels, I don't know why. When I
need to I will go back to running a kernel built from source.
Having a kernel source tree on hand is, well, handy...


Tony Grant

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