How to start only one app in GUI?

Edilmar Alves - Lista edilista at
Fri Nov 26 01:06:27 UTC 2004


I have a Fedora Core 2 Linux + VNC Server (running into xinetd).
Then, the users may connect remotely to this server and run an app
that I put into desktop (shortcut). But the users have access to other
apps like OpenOffice and Mozilla, and I want:

1) the user may logon and the app starts automatically. Where do I do this?
2) none taskbar, console, etc, the app must start using full-screen,
with no way to change to other apps like Alt+Tab shortcut. Is it possible?
3) the GUI must be light, I'd like to use some GUI with lower resources
than GNOME and KDE. What's the better for this case?
4) the users may be in slow links, I think to use in the future
softwares like FreeNX, and the GUI must be really with low graphical

Thanks for any suggestions...

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