OOO not auto-saving by default

Steve Thacker w5set at
Fri Nov 26 02:16:52 UTC 2004

yep--over the top, you used 2 smiley/frowney faces.....but some older 
installs of word perfect and word had default autosaves of every 30 
minutes setup. I have used "OpenOffice" for several years and all 
versions I have used have had the autosave feature turned off on default 
settings (as I found out by losing 30+ minutes of typing once). I just 
remember to set the "save" on five or so minutes when I setup ANY word 
or excel type office program. If you think any office application works 
just great right out of the box, you or your spouse must not use them 
much. That's why all of the "options" are in setup. Tune them to YOUR 
personal likings and operating way.
Wonder the cost of your stated "new install" of Ms Office vs Linux and 
OpenOffice? For the price difference I will continue to support and use 
Linux personally, even stating that, this is being written on a XP 
machine with a LOT of windows office "stuff" on it that I use because of 
old habits  which are still being broken slowly by just swivelling 
around in my chair to a cluster of my personal Linux machines. .....steve

Sean Bruno wrote:

> I cannot come up with any argument that justifies the auto-save feature
> being turned off in a desktop or user-oriented distribution.  
> I don't see any reason why this would be deactivated(it sure isn't in MS
> Office, I just checked a new install).
> Colin's point of the NFS mounted home directory completely escapes me. 
> If someone can come up with a reason that can sink into my thick head, I
> would like to know.  At this moment it seems a very "elitist" position
> to think that the average user(my spouse for instance) would have any
> reason to assume that a feature like this would be deactivated.  These
> types of assumptions will keep all flavors of Linux from taking over
> decent market share of the home desktop market.
> Maybe Fedora isn't the right solution for the average person? :-(
> P.S.  Is this message over the top?  I can never tell when I cross the
> line!  :)

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