OOO not auto-saving by default

Sean Bruno sean.bruno at
Fri Nov 26 04:51:21 UTC 2004

> much. That's why all of the "options" are in setup. Tune them to YOUR 
> personal likings and operating way.
Wow...Have you ever taken a standard computer user through the settings
of any Office suite?  They stare at you as though you are speaking a
different language.  

Most users really don't care about options and get very frustrated when
stuff "just doesn't work."  

> Wonder the cost of your stated "new install" of Ms Office vs Linux and 
> OpenOffice? For the price difference I will continue to support and use 
> Linux personally, even stating that, this is being written on a XP 

As far as cost is concerned, most people don't really care that OO and
Linux are free.  They get a "free" version of something with their new
PC that mostly meets their needs.  

Am I underestimating the novice computer user?  Am I making too big a
deal out of one option setting here?  If I am, I'll just drop it and
make an "FAQ" on a post-it to change the auto-save setting.  Since I am
not seeing any opinions from the RedHat folks here, I think we are all
wasting out time.

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