Can't connect to internet though Link is up

Antonio Montagnani anto.montagnani at
Sun Apr 3 13:44:23 UTC 2005

Parameshwara Bhat said the following on 03/04/2005 14:07:

> ellao All,
> This is not exactly a Fedora issue.But knowledgeable on linux can help 
> me.
> I was trying a Live CD distro.I could set my ADSL connection on it 
> fine.I  can see with 'ifconfig' the link 'ppp0' and can ping to both 
> local and  remote IPs listed there.'pppd' is constantly running.
> But I can't connect to internet,even as root.I have checked through 
> pppd  options and removed any settings that looked suspicious(rolled 
> back). What  is standing between browser and kernel(network route)? 
> How can I know?
> Could somebody suggest how I should proceed checking further ?
> Regards,
> Parameshwara Bhat
How did you set DNS???

Antonio Montagnani

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