I just want one more option in the FC Kernels

Parameshwara Bhat pbhat at ongc.net
Wed Apr 6 04:59:29 UTC 2005

Hello List,

My BIOS has 34 GB limit for hard-disks and I want the option
IDE_DISK_STROKE set in kernel.Standard FC kernels do not have this set.So,
I cannot access my data partition on second hard-disc.It also stopped me  
 from installing Fedora on a larger partion on hdb.

Setting this parameter doesn't add significant size to kernel.I do not  
understand why FC developers have opted out of this parameter. The minimum  
system requirement for FCs is PII systems and those are more likely to  
have BIOSes with this kind of limitation.Having this parameter set would  
in fact expand reach of Fedora.

I would like this message coveyed to Fc developers.I am not a member of  
developers list.Would my mail to developers list will pass to the list?

Parameshwara Bhat

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