Changes to firefox FC3

Sean Bruno sean.bruno at
Mon Apr 11 15:37:32 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-04-11 at 02:33 -0400, Christopher Aillon wrote:
> Their script to detect this is broken:
>     this.fx = ((agt.indexOf('mozilla/5')!=-1) && (agt.indexOf('spoofer')==-1) &&
>                  (agt.indexOf('compatible')==-1) && (agt.indexOf('opera')==-1)  &&
>                  (agt.indexOf('webtv')==-1) && (agt.indexOf('hotjava')==-1)     &&
>                  (this.gecko) && (navigator.vendor=="Firefox"));
> They check that the vendor is "Firefox" which is not always true.  For FC3, it is "Fedora".  The fact that FIrefox 1.0 used a vendor string for "Firefox" is actually broken behavior, which I filed upstream a bit ago, and will be fixed in Firefox 1.1 (its already checked into cvs HEAD), so their script will not work as they expect in Firefox 1.1 as it is.  Additionally, they are not even testing JavaScript versions, but rather just looking for a few browsers, so their test is going to be flawed by definition.

> Sorry to dissapoint you, but I'd recommend you talk to the web admin at your school instead.  Usually most websites that do these sorts of checks have no good reason to do so, anyway.
No disappointment here.  At least I have an idea where the issue is and
what to do about it.  For the time being, I will have to use the version
from  But I have a couple of years to go, and I will
attempt to get the web admins to "fix" their issue.  Thanks for the
guidance and patience.


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