Preventing spammers from infiltrating the Red Hat mailing lists

Eric Warnke eric at
Wed Apr 13 18:32:55 UTC 2005


To communicate on the internet, and sometime just signing up for email,
means that spammers will have access to your email address.  If you get
inbound email eventually you will receive spam, might as well work on
either stopping spam at it's source or before it get to you inbox.To
attempt to close this ONE way is a pointless excercise in futility.

I would *MUCH* rather people be able to reply to me from my list posts
archived on the internet than block spiders from finding my email
address since my email is more than sufficiently filtered.


William M. Quarles wrote:

> One thing that I have done recently was to search for my e-mail
> addresses on the Internet web pages to find all of the places that list
> them.  Why bother doing this?  Just like how Google has spiders that
> crawl the Internet to gather general information, spammers have spiders
> that crawl the Internet to gather e-mail addresses to spam people.  I

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