default media player

seth vidal skvidal at
Thu Apr 14 18:08:41 UTC 2005

> I'd have to agree that there needs to be serious evaluation of totem
> again as the default player for fc4.  I'm not aware of a technical
> advantage that Helix has out-of-the-box. And unless Helix has grown
> some interesting new plugin support... its immensely easier to just
> replace Helix with Real when you go looking for additional codec
> support. From a user perspective I don't see a compelling reason to
> use Helix over Real in any real-world situation. Totem on the other
> hand when backed by gst has a reasonable useful mechanism to extend
> its support via additional gst plugins instead of being replaced
> wholesale with another player application. And the gst dependancy
> makes for tighter integration with the default desktop.  I'm reading
> and I personally don't see a profound reason to keep Helix as the
> default when compared to totem based on the objective criteria
> setforth there.
> If there are differing opinions grounded in technical criteria for
> helix still being the default, I'd appreciate hearing them for
> perspective.

Instead of discussing it here maybe we should take it to -desktop-list
where it can maybe get a bit more sane and less flamable responses.


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