Preventing spammers from infiltrating the Red Hat mailing lists

William M. Quarles walrus at
Thu Apr 14 22:07:42 UTC 2005


They still can reply to your posts.  They just have to verify that they 
exist first.



Eric Warnke wrote:

> William,
> To communicate on the internet, and sometime just signing up for email,
> means that spammers will have access to your email address.  If you get
> inbound email eventually you will receive spam, might as well work on
> either stopping spam at it's source or before it get to you inbox.To
> attempt to close this ONE way is a pointless excercise in futility.
> I would *MUCH* rather people be able to reply to me from my list posts
> archived on the internet than block spiders from finding my email
> address since my email is more than sufficiently filtered.
> Cheers,
> Eric
> William M. Quarles wrote:
>>One thing that I have done recently was to search for my e-mail
>>addresses on the Internet web pages to find all of the places that list
>>them.  Why bother doing this?  Just like how Google has spiders that
>>crawl the Internet to gather general information, spammers have spiders
>>that crawl the Internet to gather e-mail addresses to spam people.  I

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