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Sat Apr 30 16:10:00 UTC 2005

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Kyrre Ness Sjobak wrote:
| Is it just me, or does the openoffice icon artwork look really terrible
| and difficult-to-understand? I opened a bugzilla for it:
| If those agreeing/disagreeing could post comments there, it would be
| great.
| Kyrre Ness Sj�b�k
IMHO it is without question *just you*. Personally, they're among the very few
icons that are bright, colorful and _easy_ to identify. The problem I see for
newbies is that gnome isn't as inviting as kde because _a lot_ of the icons and
themes use dark or matte colors (not bad in my book) which tends to make them
unreadable (_very, very_ bad in my book). This is one of the many reasons that
kde is so much more popular with newbies. It's more M$-like - true - but one of
the main reasons that kde is M$-like is the polish of there brightly colored
"friendly" icons. This is something the new OOo icons have captured and again,
it's a _very, very, very good thing_.

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