low-hanging fruit

Dan Winship dwinship at redhat.com
Thu Aug 16 13:14:01 UTC 2007

Jon Nettleton wrote:
> On 8/15/07, *Matthias Clasen* <mclasen at redhat.com 
>     - unlock keyring on login
> This should be included in gnome 2.20 with the new gnome-keyring. 
> It includes a pam module to do this.  If it doesn't then I can finish 
> hacking pam_keyring to do what we want.

I can log into Fedora on my Thinkpad by just swiping my finger on the 
fingerprint reader. Ideally that would unlock my keyring too, which is 
impossible with the combination of pam_thinkfinger and pam_keyring.

-- Dan

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