low-hanging fruit

Gian Paolo Mureddu gmureddu at prodigy.net.mx
Sun Aug 26 06:10:55 UTC 2007

Jon Nettleton escribió:
> On 8/25/07, Gian Paolo Mureddu <gmureddu at prodigy.net.mx> wrote:
>> Rui Tiago Cação Matos escribió:
>>> On Qua, 2007-08-15 at 15:56 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:
>>>> As discussed in the meeting, here is my personal
>>>> "laundry list" of low-hanging fruit. Note that some of
>>>> these are being worked on for F8 anyway.
>>> [snip sensible list of low-hanging fruit]
>>> I'd like to add another one:
>>> * get rid of the forced filesystem check every 26th mount.
>>> Rui
>> Never heard of "tune2fs"? Just use it to set the mount count higher,
>> `man tune2fs`
> Okay, I am going to politely ask for an end to this sort of response
> in this  mailing list.  Especially in this thread we are brain-storming
> on ideas of a desktop fedora spin.  Responses of RTFM or google
> it or whatever are not productive to the purpose of this list.
> I have heard of tune2fs, and probably every other obscure command
> sitting on our distribution's filesystem.  We are brain storming ideas
> of what we do and don't want in an experimental spin of Fedora.  This
> might sound harsh, however I want to put an end to it now.  This is not
> Slashdot.  If you have a reason that ever 26 reboots on a 300gig
> file-system a desktop user needs to wait 10 -15 minutes to wait
> while their journaled filesystem is forced checked then speak up.
> Otherwise head over to slashdot or digg of wherever and voice your
> concerns.
> I am finished now.
> Jon
Simple enough take out the 1 (or 2's for additional filesystems) and 
replace them with 0s in fstab ;)

LABEL=/                /                       ext3    defaults        1 
0 -- from 1 to 0
LABEL=/boot         /boot                ext3    defaults        1 0 -- 
from 2 to 0

Simple, huh? That second check will take away the "mount count fs check" 
but may also take away other features... From the man page....

       "The  sixth field, (fs_passno), is used by the fsck(8) program to 
       mine the order in which filesystem checks are done at reboot 
time.  The
       root  filesystem  should  be specified with a fs_passno of 1, and 
       filesystems should have a fs_passno of 2.  Filesystems within  a  
       will  be checked sequentially, but filesystems on different 
drives will
       be checked at the same time to utilize  parallelism  available  
in  the
       hardware.   If  the sixth field is not present or zero, a value 
of zero
       is returned and fsck will assume that the filesystem does not  
need  to
       be checked."

Default to 0 seems like what is being discussed, without tampering with 
tune2fs... I don't like the approach (as that also takes away an extra 
layer of protection for the hardware and data), but that *will* get rid 
of the mount count fs checks. Alternatively, force Disk Druid to run 
tune2fs with the -C 0 option to disable mount-count check on the 
volume... That change, though I'm not sure would be as simple, though 
might be the way to go in the long run.

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