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Mon Aug 27 14:19:48 UTC 2007

On Mon, 20.08.07 22:18, Bastien Nocera (bnocera at wrote:

> We're mixing 2 different things. There's the per-stream volume, for the
> GstPulseSink for use in gnome-volume-control, and there's detecting that
> we have a "stream" volume, for Totem and Rhythmbox.
> The former I don't think is very important right now, as long as the
> latter is implemented.
> A simple read-only property would be enough to handle that. 

Hmm, what would this property export? I am not sure I understand what
you are suggesting.

> Does MacOS X present a similar interface for applications to use, or
> do they implement volume control by themselves like Totem/Rhythmbox
> currently do with the volume element?

The only a have a single per-stream volume which is controlled by the
slider in iTunes. The per-system volume is controlled globally with
the volume hotkeys.


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