make ~/.face world-readable (low-hanging-fruit) (Was Re: livecd hacking)

Jonathan Blandford jrb at
Tue Aug 28 15:26:04 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-08-27 at 16:54 -0400, Bill Nottingham wrote:

> > Also, it's preferable to do this at install time rather than firstboot
> > time. Because I'm not so sure firstboot makes a lot of sense for a
> > desktop/laptop targeted OS (though I'm sure it's great for enterprise
> > workstation deployments).
> ? Surely all the 'create user' bits (which are in firstboot) are where
> you'd do this. Unless you want to move those into anaconda itself.

I think what David is getting at is that we would like to have only one
install experience for the user.  Right now, we have two install
experiences -- the first when you run anaconda, the second when you hit
firstboot.  In the managed desktop case (enterprise workstations) the
install is split between the admin who does the install on the machine
and the enduser does the 'install' by setting up accounts/timezones.
David is proposing to merge those for the desktop spin.

It's a bit aspirational, and there's a lot that should be cleaned up in
firstboot first.  But I think it's a good experience, too.


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