Starting point for package list for Fedora 7 Desktop spin

Bill Nottingham notting at
Fri Jan 12 16:18:29 UTC 2007

Gian Paolo Mureddu (gmureddu at said: 
> Just to add my opinion. Thus far the selection of packages seem very 
> good, however may I suggest Beryl instead of Compiz? The reason why I 
> ask this is simple: performance. Beryl seems to be (quite a bit) faster 
> than Compiz.

This has come up on fedora-devel - frankly, from my experience with
such things as how beryl-settings is done, I can't really support
using it anywhere by default.

> Another program that I'd rather use and I 100% agree with its inclusion 
> is Banshee over Rhythmbox. Not that I don't like Rhythmbox, but rather 
> that Banshee uses Mono instead of Python, and in my (albeit personal) 
> tests, I've found that Mono is less of a resource hog than Python both 
> in memory fingerprint and CPU time, at least on x86_64, where in x86 
> they both are pretty much the same (seems the memory fingerprint of 
> python on x86_64 is exaggerated quite a bit in regards to its i386 
> version, more than twice the memory print... Maybe a leak?).

1) I wouldn't make languages a big deciding point
2) rhythmbox doesn't use that much python

> It may only be me, but of the system-config* utilities, wouldn't it also 
> make sense to include system-config-display? Speaking of the 
> system-config utilities, how about these:

system-config-display needs to die.

> system-config-language

Why not use the language setting in the DM? This only affects the
console and the gdm default.

> system-config-samba



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