Disable in X the restart/shutdown by user. How?

Rob spamrefuse at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 19 01:59:30 UTC 2007


I'm running FC6 with Gnome's gdm as the X loging
manager (seems to be the default on Fedora) and
with XFCE as my desktop manager.

In the menu, there's a configuration option for
the X login display, with which I can remove the
Restart/Shutdown buttons on the login screen.
So the X login screen is OK.

However, upon logout, I get the 'confirmation'
window to "really logout" (which is good), but
there I also get the options to Restart/Shutdown
the machine after logout. I want to disable the
latter options, but that appears to be very

I asked this question on the general fedora-list
but nobody seems to know the answer.

If I would use kdm, there seems to be a configurable
option. So is this then a missing feature in Gnome's
gdm, or a missing feature in Fedora in general?

I hope someone on this mailing list can help me.


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