Wine by default?

David Nielsen david at
Sat Jan 27 15:35:55 UTC 2007

On lør, 2007-01-27 at 04:12 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Hi
> What are the thoughts on installing Wine by default in Desktop and KDE 
> spins for Fedora 7? It might make it more easier for migrations and 
> heterogeneous environments if we installed and integrated with Wine by 
> default.

I would strongly oppose this, it seems to be mainly an encouragement to
use proprietary software which also means having users run software on
their systems we cannot support but they will expect us to.

I seriously doubt it would aid migration, people will want this to run
games but Wine to my best understanding does not run DirectX games very
well (I tried that Cedega thing which is suppose to and it makes kittens
cry with it's badness). 

I think this would be more pain than gain currently and the more good
alternatives to applications we get which those people want to run under
Wine the less relevant it becomes. We will never however make up for the
mount of commercial games, but that is a non issue since in my
experience since those don't work very well with Wine as it is.

- David Nielsen

"Ridicule is the only weapon that can be used against unintelligible
propositions. Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them.” 
-Thomas Jefferson 
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