Wine by default?

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Just ignore this, Evolution is very crashy on Development, I thought I
lost the first reply since there was no indication that it was in the
outbox what so ever so I typed a new one.

> I would strongly oppose this, it seems to be mainly an encouragement to
> use proprietary software which also means having users run software on
> their systems we cannot support but they will expect us to.
> I seriously doubt it would aid migration, people will want this to run
> games but Wine to my best understanding does not run DirectX games very
> well (I tried that Cedega thing which is suppose to and it makes kittens
> cry with it's badness). 
> I think this would be more pain than gain currently and the more good
> alternatives to applications we get which those people want to run under
> Wine the less relevant it becomes. We will never however make up for the
> mount of commercial games, but that is a non issue since in my
> experience since those don't work very well with Wine as it is.
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