Plans for the desktop beyond Fedora 7

Robert M. Albrecht romal at
Tue May 8 15:32:56 UTC 2007


>> - enable Gnomes NFS browsing (network places), in F7 only smb-browsing
>> seems to be enabled.

Gnomes user manual shows screenshots and descriptions of browsing the
network places "Windows computers" and "Unix computers".

I only see Windows computers. I tried to fiddle around in gnome-vfs
config-files, ... but I never got nfs-browsing to work.

Fedora- and gnome-users mailinglists, could help either. Perhaps it`s
broken in gnome, perhaps some module is missing, perhaps it's some
misconfiguration. I simply don't know.

Does it work on your machine ?

>> - enable more than three mouse-buttons

Mainly Firefox. Firefox does use the additonal buttons for backward and
forward. This first appeared in MSIE, Firefox cloned it.

It works out of the box in Fedora, if you enable the buttons in xorg.conf.

>> - enhancing the gui for extended keyboards

Most keyboards and laptop do have extra keys fort starting applications
or changing the speaker-volume.

Getting them to work is, in my opinion, non-obvious and sure to
complicated to an average user.

cu romal

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