F14: Process /usr/bin/evolution was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)

Donald Buchan malak at pobox.com
Mon Nov 8 03:41:26 UTC 2010


I just installed F14 via netinstall today and evolution is being killed by
signal 11 (SIGSEGV) immediately upon being run, be it from the launch icon
at the top of the screen, from the Applications menu, or from the command

I have submitted a comment on bug 596916
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=596916, which was essentially
the same thing for another user under F13.

Of course as root did "yum remove evolution" and "yum install evolution"
hoping that the initial install could have somehow become corrupted or
otherwise poorly installed, but no surprise the new install gives
identical results.  I have not added any plugins yet.

My specs:

F14, desktop only install, gnome, generally unmodified (ie. only a few
common desktop settings changed and one or two pieces of software added
straight off the repos);
1 gig memory;
P4 2.8;
40 gig HD, that I suspect may be acting up;
Dell Optiplex something or other, one of the cute compact mini-towers,
which has had F10-F12 on it as well as Ubuntu 8.04 before that (briefly!)
and even more briefly before that CentOS 5.4;
Obviously, I'm using a wired connection to my router to my DSL modem to my
Internet supplier

All packages are up to date -- just checked even though I did a network
install just this afternoon.

My home directory was transplanted from my F12 install, including the
hidden directories, so I imagine that the machine conceivably could be
having difficulty with something leftover from the .evolution directory,
but I would have not clue what to look for.

Obviously I have not been able to go through any setup information with
the initial setup wizard (ie. accounts, mail servers, email addy, user,
etc.) that I expect to have to go through.

Has anyone experienced this or a similar problem?

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