F14 Beta RC3 images available for validation testing!

Donald Buchan malak at pobox.com
Wed Sep 22 15:20:27 UTC 2010

> case for a live image, and that if you were doing that, you'd probably
> know you should set a root password. Why would you do that, btw?

I'm trying to think outside of the box, and sometimes I'm having
difficulty doing so because for most of the scenarios I'm thinking of,
most people doing so would also know to set a root password.  But along
the lines of playing devil's advocate:

You're using the liveCD to do some system rescue work for a friend, and
enable desktop control by an external source, say to work in tandem with
someone else.  Perhaps you even get an SSH server going.  The system in
question has valuable, at least to the owner, files on it.  You have a
direct internet connection and no router to "protect you behind a NAT",
and your partner is at another location.  A bot sniffs the IP and bang,
gets in either by SSH root login, or VNC's into the desktop and starts up
a terminal.

Of course it would be irresponsible of you to not have set up a root
password in advance, given that you're supposed to be the expert in system
recovery and at least some system security, but ...

And then there's the newbie who just "wants to try it out" without harming
their Windows setup, and sees the settings for "let others control the
desktop", thinking "ooooh, what does this do?" Click!

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