How do we change fonts now

Jonathan Corbet corbet-ft at
Mon Feb 28 14:03:08 UTC 2011

You folks are working hard on this, and there's little value in me sitting
on the sidelines with complaints you're not interested in hearing.  So
I'll limit myself to one little thing:

> There's two really specific cases where having
> yet-another-control-panel-applet is not good: discovery of the settings that
> users *should* want to change and, in the support side of things, users who
> change the font, don't know what they've done, and then have to call to
> $linux_savvy_family_member or $corporate_IT_help_desk. 

Do you understand how condescending and arrogant that sounds?  I honestly
believe that's not your intent, but that's what comes across.  It will not
endear you to users who have their own idea of what they "*should* want to



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