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> On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 6:07 PM, Adam Williamson
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> > one of the common themes of the F14 review cycle
> was ridiculing the lack
> > of an office suite on the desktop image,
> particularly given the presence
> > of 'useless' things like planner (I'm paraphrasing
> from the reviews, not
> > giving my own personal opinion). I know we have
> good arguments against
> > including an office suite, and I suspect planner
> is just in there as a
> > hangover from when we tried to include GNOME
> Office, but there does seem
> > to be a consistent impression in reviews that the
> current package choice
> > seems bizarre.
> Weren't  those reasons related to lack of space in
> the LiveCD?
> Ubuntu always had openoffice on their live, but I
> was told they could
> do it because they did not use our very same
> upstream (go-oo inteast
> ooo, again IIRC) and their upstream made it easier
> to split the suite
> into finer packaging.
> Maybe the whole story is bogus, but having Writer
> and/or Impress
> and/or Calc is a must to stand well in reviews, IMHO

Ridiculing Fedora for not having an office suite on the
LiveCD is still a pretty consistent theme, and it is a
logical one -- most non-technical users aren't going to
run, say, a disc burner from the disk drive their live CD
is inserted into, but they certainly are going to web
browse and try to write documents or open spreadsheets...

It is difficult enough to showcase Fedora with the stock
LiveCD that I've taken to putting custom live USB distros
together instead of worrying with the LiveCD at all.

IMHO we could do better by surveying most common-use
applications across *all* Linux LiveCD distros and pushing
our package selection in whatever direction that leads.
Either that, or have a "Common Use" showcase LiveCD spin
and an alternate "Vanilla" LiveCD based on whatever we're
doing now. If Vanilla winds up becoming an edge-case
download we could scrap it in favor of the "Common Use"
spin later.

LiveCDs are really best as showcase pieces and its hard to
pitch a showcase when you can't demonstrate office suite
interoperability. To the average non-gamer a computer is
defined by how well it fills the role of linear
replacement for: 1- mail boxes, 2- FAX machines, 3-
typewriters and 4- filing cabinets (and 5- media
centers...). We miss out a lot by not capitalizing on that

The experienced Fedora user has the capacity to expand a
system to meet his needs from a mini install via yum
alone. My mother, on the other hand, is blown away at the
fact that useful software can be installed from the net
from within the GUI. Her shock is based on the premise
that this can't happen -- an idea reinforced by years of
enforced Windows use at work. That indicates the average
non-technical user doesn't realize OpenOffice is an option
if its not in the LiveCD. That is a powerful argument for
inclusion of OpenOffice.

Of course, all of this is assuming that we're concerned
with competing with Ubuntu...

Sorry for the long-winded post.

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