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Sat Jan 15 16:56:09 UTC 2011

On 1/15/11 8:28 AM, 夜神 岩男 wrote:
> Ridiculing Fedora for not having an office suite on the
> LiveCD is still a pretty consistent theme, and it is a
> logical one -- most non-technical users aren't going to
> run, say, a disc burner from the disk drive their live CD
> is inserted into, but they certainly are going to web
> browse and try to write documents or open spreadsheets...

This is a bit of a logical fallacy.  You say this as if one could remove 
the CD burning utility and suddenly have room for an office suite.  Or 
as another poster commended as if you could remove planner and suddenly 
have room for  It just doesn't work that way.  People have tried 
to make room for OO.o by removing tonnes of stuff, and what you're left 
with is a CD that is still oversized and has NO applications on it.  So 
if you abandon OO.o you're left with some space to fill up, and yeah, 
what to fill it with can be a challenge.

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