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Sat Jan 15 17:26:08 UTC 2011

On Sat, 2011-01-15 at 08:56 -0800, Jesse Keating wrote:
> On 1/15/11 8:28 AM, 夜神 岩男 wrote:
> > Ridiculing Fedora for not having an office suite on the
> > LiveCD is still a pretty consistent theme, and it is a
> > logical one -- most non-technical users aren't going to
> > run, say, a disc burner from the disk drive their live CD
> > is inserted into, but they certainly are going to web
> > browse and try to write documents or open spreadsheets...
> This is a bit of a logical fallacy.  You say this as if one could remove 
> the CD burning utility and suddenly have room for an office suite.  Or 
> as another poster commended as if you could remove planner and suddenly 
> have room for  

Note that I'm not suggesting this, just that we should remove planner
*as well as* OpenOffice from the CD-sized ks, because it looks odd to
have one but not the other.

In case anyone's wondering, btw, the fact that planner winds up on the
CD-sized desktop ISO is more or less a simple oversight. The 'master'
fedora-live-desktop.ks adds libreoffice and planner to form a full
'office suite'; the fedora-livecd-desktop.ks , which takes
fedora-live-desktop.ks and chops bits off until it's CD-sized, removes
libreoffice, but doesn't remove planner. Probably, someone just edited
fedora-livecd-desktop.ks to remove libreoffice, ran a spin, saw it was
now under 700MB and said 'okay, we're done', without noticing that it'd
probably make sense from a neatness perspective to also remove Planner.
Removing Planner is really just for neatness and to stop reviewers
saying 'why is Planner in there but not any other office app'.
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