Proposal: Too similar application names

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Thu Jun 2 18:52:37 UTC 2011

Rex Dieter wrote:

> On 06/02/2011 08:54 AM, Vitezslav Humpa wrote:

>> At last Fedora QA meeting John Dulaney had a proposal concerning the
>> issue of similar application names we use around Fedora desktops.
>> We were thinking on expanding the release criteria to have one to deal
>> with this issue, but for sure we need to discuss this first.
>> Thus - thoughts? :) (Might be a good idea in having the conversation
>> joined in one list we are all subscribed - perhaps test or desktop?)
> The desktop-entry-spec does specify Name= and GenericName= to help
> distinguish matters,
> It's just that for various reasons, some desktops have chosen not to
> use/implement Name=  in menus.  I've tried to advocate supporting the
> spec for quite awhile...

Here's one really old example,

-- Rex

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