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Mon Jun 6 13:25:55 UTC 2011

On 06/06/2011 12:50 PM, Elad wrote:
> What I mean is, that those services can be*installed*  by default on
> the live cd, but I see no reason for them to be*enabled*  by default
> on the live media or on an installation from the livecd.

I would think the ideal place we want to be in is..

If hw is present start service if not dont.

Like for example there is no point in starting bluetooth, pcscd, fcoe, 
lldpad, iscsi, iscsid, mdmonitor cups etc. if the relevant hw is not 
detected and present on the installed or running system.

ntp and ntpdate should just be enabled and started if the end user has 
configured it to do so in Firstboot ( arguable this should be removed 
from firstboot and be handled only in relevant application in the DE ) 
or System settings --> Date and Time in Gnome or via system-config-date.

All the NFS related services along with avahi should default to off as 
well and only be activated and enabled if the end user has configured it 
to do so either manually or via cli or in some app.

Fixing this along with defaulting to btrfs and or ext4 and turning of 
related service surrounding lvm should reduce the boot time to ca <10s 
range on a rotating media thus delivering better experience to the 
novice end user.

Anaconda or Firstboot should also turn off the live system related 
services after being run.

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