GNOME Shell window manager (mis)behaviour

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at
Wed Jun 8 10:50:50 UTC 2011

Hello everyone,

on 2011-04-06 I've filed for "mutter"
[ gtk_window_deiconify() ignored : Claws Mail starts minimized ]
which hasn't gotten any response yet, although there are several people
on the Cc list. It's somewhat sad there is only silence in that ticket.

Due to lack of responset there we've worked around the show-stopper
with a hack - -
to fix it for F15 final, but upstream of Claws Mail has merged
that patch only reluctantly because they think it's a bug in
the window manager.

Now there's another similar issue. In F15 GNOME Shell, several of
Claws Mail's dialogs don't get focus:
They get displayed, but the title bar is greyed out, and the user needs
to click the dialog to activate it. This is new behaviour since F14 and
not reproducible with e.g. Openbox in F15.

Are there any hints on what could be done in the app to make it work
flawlessly again within Fedora 15 GNOME Shell?

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