Proposal: Too similar application names

Vitezslav Humpa vhumpa at
Thu Jun 9 09:50:42 UTC 2011

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> On Thu, 2011-06-02 at 09:54 -0400, Vitezslav Humpa wrote:
> > The way KDE application launcher handles this also provides nice
> > example for a design solution to this problem. They use a
> > "Generic" (e.g. Terminal) field to describe the application
> > primarily
> > and have the name of the actual binary (e.g. Konsole) present in
> > small
> > letters when the generic name is not unique.
> I happen to think this is the wrong way round. For someone who's not
> sure what they want, it might be marginally better, but for anyone who
> already knows, i.e. for most people most of the time after learning
> it,
> it just produces a momentary hesitation every time you use it.
> For example, I have *never* thought to myself "Oh, I need to fire up
> the
> Groupware Suite". I just look for Evolution, but it's in small letters
> in a grey font. Much better would be to have Evolution as the main
> menu
> item, with Groupware Suite in a small grey font for those who don't
> know
> what it is (think of it as a poor man's ToolTip).
> There's a difference between easy to use and easy to learn. We would
> do
> well to favour the former over the latter whenever there's a conflict.
> poc

Are you referring to a situation in KDE(can't boot it now to check)?
Seems to me that most of the times we do use the application's actual
name in the menus. With few exceptions that form the base of this whole

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