Proposal: Too similar application names

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Tue Jun 21 00:27:20 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-06-06 at 06:14 -0400, Vitezslav Humpa wrote:

> > As a compromise between getting rid of the problem (user
> annoyance...)
> > completely and the amount of work that would have to be done, I
> suggest
> > that we simply target these applications and modify the desktop
> files
> > so that they become distinguishable. That means in the menus and on
> the
> > first sight, whatever *.desktop field is responsible for that in
> particular
> > environments. Should we manage to push having a popup in Upstream,
> that
> > would be great later on.
> I agree, this is a good starting point.  I don't really see the point
> of the popups,
> but if other folks think they're necessary, I won't argue.

Just as a note on this one, I found that a bug is already filed for the
most infamous case, Software Update / Software Updates:

and has been passed on to upstream:

I hope Richard will be able to get to that soon.

That leaves terminal / Terminal, and all the system-config-* vs.
control-center components (things like Date & Time are identical between
the two). That seems a larger problem than just the menu entries,
though. There's kind of a demarcation question here; GNOME seems to have
decided various settings should be controlled by the desktop, and Fedora
probably needs to decide where it stands on that, whether all our other
desktop environments agree, and how to deal with overlapping tools for
such settings from all standpoints, not just menu entries. Where we
agree that something should be handed off from s-c-* to desktop control,
we should check on the current status of what the s-c-* app is capable
of and whether the GNOME app can do all the same stuff, and whether the
other desktops make it possible to deal with the same settings, I guess.

(I wonder if it might be good for there to be a cross-desktop list
within Fedora, for things that concern all desktop environments? This
cross-posting gets unwieldy.)
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