Proposal: Too similar application names

Vitezslav Humpa vhumpa at
Thu Jun 23 15:50:22 UTC 2011

> I hope Richard will be able to get to that soon.

It's great that stones are moving on this one! It's been the most
obvious one. Did you bring this to Richard already or should I reach
him? Not sure now :)

> That leaves terminal / Terminal, and all the system-config-* vs.
> control-center components (things like Date & Time are identical
> between
> the two). That seems a larger problem than just the menu entries,
> though. There's kind of a demarcation question here; GNOME seems to
> have
> decided various settings should be controlled by the desktop, and
> Fedora
> probably needs to decide where it stands on that, whether all our
> other
> desktop environments agree, and how to deal with overlapping tools for
> such settings from all standpoints, not just menu entries. Where we
> agree that something should be handed off from s-c-* to desktop
> control,
> we should check on the current status of what the s-c-* app is capable
> of and whether the GNOME app can do all the same stuff, and whether
> the
> other desktops make it possible to deal with the same settings, I
> guess.

I went through config utilities across different environments. In some
cases definitely the s-c-* are being relied to for configuration
completely, notably in cases of LXDE and Xfce too. Sometimes they
overlap with the desktop environment specific utilities, but do the
configuring in different scopes - e.g. s-c-keyboard will set the global
system layout while xfce4 keyboard settings does it session-wise. Well,
I'd say there is no point discussing the future of s-c-* utilities in
respect to these environments, they are needed.

Gnome(and KDE), perhaps with some exceptions, seem to cover s-c-*
options rather well. I think we should consider simply removing the
conflicting s-c-* from the menus altogether, thus getting rid of the
duplicity. Should the user need to access these particular s-c-*
utilities, they will still be present in the system.

These are the ones, that are duplicate to the gnome-control-panel tools:
system-config-date (Date & Time vs. Date and Time)
system-config-printer (Printing vs. Printers)
system-config-users (Users and Groups vs. User Accounts)


> (I wonder if it might be good for there to be a cross-desktop list
> within Fedora, for things that concern all desktop environments? This
> cross-posting gets unwieldy.)

+1, with danger of not too many people subscribing for it which could
bring back the need to "cc" again

Vita Humpa
Fedora QA

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